Thankful Challenge



Happy Soulful Sunday luvs,

This week I was challenged  by my friend Tammy Alvarez to join in on a “Thankful Challenge”

For 5 days you write down 3 things you’re grateful for. I actually keep a Gratitude journal and write 10 things I am grateful for every night before I go to bed. So this would be easy for me, EXCEPT … I’ve never shared! Until now, so here I am on the last day and I would like to share my thankful list with you.

I also challenge anyone who would like to share their list as well!

In light, In love and In Gratitude!

I am Thankful!

1. Health

I am so thankful for my good health, to be able to breathe air into my lungs yet another day is such a privilege!  To experience love, and creativity, to connect, build and master this thing  called  life is such a blessing!  life is a blessing! To see, touch, taste ,smell and feel all this earth has to offer me  fills me with so much gratitude. Health is wealth! Without it nothing else matters! Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit!

2. Relationships

I am so grateful for all my relationships in my life…The good, the bad and the ugly, because they have all taught me a great deal about myself…How to love unconditionally, how to love self, how to be selfless, how to laugh, how to cry, how to let go, how to have fun, how to live in the moment, how to be alone, how to be balanced, how to be strong and the list goes on. life lessons for sure and it’s not over yet…each day I am expanding, evolving and  learning  something new everyday and I am so grateful for every lesson!


I AM Consciousness

I am thankful that I am creating my own reality, and that I have the power to do so. That all I AM resides already within. That I can move past any obstacles that life brings me, That I AM able to live in this moment, and step into an abundance mindset where I can manifest my true potential and master my greatness, and most of all I AM thankful that I can connect with so many  beautiful kindred spirits like yourself!

On my path..I am Thankful

BE Healthy! BE Happy!