Full Moon Water- Full Moon Rituals


One of the most powerful and easy to make and use tools of magic is the Lunar Water, a water which is charged by the powers of the Moon.

Moon was also associated with the Water and was perceived as a way to channel the powers of the Moon. The ancient civilizations realized that the cycles of the moon affect the tides and the seas, thus the Moon strongly influenced the Waters of our World.
One of the most powerful and easy to make  tools of magic  is the Lunar Water, a water which is charged by the powers of the Moon.

Moon water has many purposes and uses.  It can be used like blessing oil. It can be used to enhance your  rituals; it can be added to your bath for relaxation, for clarity, to promote love or prepare for lunar rituals, to anoint money to increase wealth, and to anoint yourself to increase psychic awareness, among many other purposes. You can even make tea with it, or water your plants with it.  It is largely dependent on your intent and often what zodiac sign the moon is in. To find out the day’s moon phase sign, I usually check over at Lunaf.

Here is a no frills guide for making your own full moon water:

  1. Locate a clear container: a bowl, jar or glass. Avoid plastic. No one likes the taste of plastic. (A mason jar might be best as you can seal and preserve it in the fridge.) Fill it with water of your choice: spring, filtered, or alkaline water.
  2. You can bless the water with sage or close your eyes and imagine the moon shining down and filling the water with its light, the water transforming; here you are using visualization to charge the water with your intent. Or, you simply set the container outside and let nature do its thing.
  3. Take the container filled with water outside to the clearest area you can find, unobstructed by overhanging trees and other things. Make sure this area will be undisturbed. It’s even better if this area is somehow special or important to you. Set the container down with the knowledge that the full moon will fill the water and transform it with lunar light. (You can also do this indoors, where you have seen the moon by a window. Sit the container in the window.)
  4. If  you like, here you can add frills: Surround the bowl with moonstones, crystals, flowers, or other items.
  5. This guide has no spell to say. If you like, simply smile at the lunar water and smile at the moon with a Goddess smirk. Spell complete. You can leave the water out overnight or for a few hours, it’s up to you. (just retrieve it before the sunrise)
  6. Use the water to anoint your chakras, your third-eye in the center of your forehead (associated with psychic sight and clarity). Use it like perfume. Make tea with it. Water your plants. Cook with it. Flick it over certain items to bless them. It’s up to you.
  7. On storage: Like any other water, make sure you seal it up. Its best sealed and placed in the fridge if not used right away. Make sure you can tell that this is your Goddess water by marking it with a label or designate it by placing it in a special container.
  8.   If you have extra full moon water, water your plants with it or take it back outside and return it to nature by pouring it into the soil.


Happy moon water making!  I’m off to start my full moon rituals now!
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