Hi luvs!,

I’m signing up again to do this amazing guided mediation by Oprah & Deepak. I’ve done a few of these for the last couple of years and absolutely love them!

Sign up and follow along and lets meditate together!!

Stay  Healthy ..Stay Happy!

You were born to be happy!

Are you ready for a big boost of joy? Join Oprah & Deepak to tap into the inner wellspring of happiness that awaits you. In this perfect summertime journey, Oprah & Deepak help you spark the bliss, profound peace, and playful exhilaration that is within you.

Join us on August 11, in the all-new Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience, Expanding Your Happiness.

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How to create a vision board


Where we place our attention is what we will create for ourselves.

When you realise the truth in this sentence, the power and possibilities that open up for you are limitless. This is why I am a massive fan of The Vision Board. I try to do a new one each year, revisiting where I am and comparing that with where I want to be. And each year I update my vision board with new pics, quotes, and words that represent the future I want to create for myself.

Vision boards are the ultimate in manifestation. They serve as a tool to keep you inspired, keep you on track, and keep you motivated. You know all of the Law Of Attraction stuff? Well, creating a vision board and sticking it in your line of sight, is an awesome way to communicate with the Universe about what you would like to collaborate on in your life. Plus, they are fun to make!


There are no real rules when it comes to creating a visual interpretation of your hopes and dreams. This is why everyone’s board is so different.  But if you’re the kind of person who appreciates a little guidance, here are some basic steps to follow.

1. Think.

Find a quiet place to sit or lie, where you will be able to seek enough solace to get your daydream on.  Spend some time with your thoughts. Allow your mind to wander into the most inspired future you can visualise for yourself. Ask yourself these questions:

“Who am I surrounded by?”
“Where do I live?”
“What do I do for work?”
“Who are my mentors?”
“What do I look like?”
“How much money do I earn?”
“How do I feel?”
“What do I want to be?”
“What do I want to do?”
“What do I want to have?” (Material possessions are totally fine here!)
“What will make me excited?”

2. Seek.

Now go ahead and find images, words, quotes and affirmations that remind you of all of the images you see in your future. All of the people you want to meet and be around, the places you want to live in and visit, the events you want to experience, the accomplishments you want to reach, the feelings you want to emulate, and the emotions you want to fill your cells with. Use Google ImagesCompfightFlickr, or Pinterest to find images online. Or, flick through magazines.

3. Create.

Buy a corkboard or just any old board and pin or stick your images to it. Previously I have just randomly tacked images to a pin board, but this year I went virtual and created my board in Google Picasa.

 Via The Wellness Warrior.

Try Something New For 30 Days!


If you could add something new to your life in the next 30 days what would you do? Is there something you have wanted to do that you keep putting off? Maybe adding one healthy habit like drinking more water, working out, adding a green smoothie every day or just doing that creative or business project that you keep putting off?  Don’t waste another minute!  Start today!  I’ m with you! Day one! lets go!!!